Equipment List


Bike – spa cycles steel Frame audax tourer 2014 , 51″

Tent – Solar expedition 1

Sleeping bag – Deuter dream lite 250

Sleeping mat – thermarest Neoair xlite

Shoes- shimano MTB


2 thoughts on “Equipment List

    • Hi Liz! thanks a lot, I am planning a new tour for this summer so hopefully will be updating the whole blog over the next few months.
      To travel from Helsinki to Oslo I first cycled to Turku, on the smaller roads surrounding the E18, the route was very quiet but i didn’t have any problems with navigation and there was frequent access to shops. I then took the ferry from Turku, Finland to Stockholm. The route I took from stockholm carried on the same rough route as the E18, going west to vasteras, örebro. I past over the northern edge of the Vänern lake and crossed over the border into Norway, from the border it is a very short 1/2 day cycle to the capital.
      This was probably one of my favourite stretches on the bike I have ever had, the people are lovely and the landscapes couldn’t be more beautiful. I can’t recommend it enough!
      Please feel free to message me if you want any more information!
      happy traveling 🙂

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