RECAP: lessons learned the hard way, Italy.



To say that I have been on a steep learning curve since new year would be like saying Vesuvius is just a slight incline or that sleeping in torrential rain is a minor discomfort… All I would now describe as slight under statements. Setting off from England with a front of confidence that would of seemed to rival Anne Mustoe I wish I’d felt it!! If only my friends and family had been aware of the nightmares that had plagued me and the constant worrying and fear I’d felt since committing to the trip, maybe they would of been less inclined to remind me of my likelihood of death/all the many other unfortunate things that occur to teenagers that wander too far from tourist paths.
But being the arrogant sod I must of seemed, I brushed their concerns off, acting ignorant to the world! …and with that away I went. Never have I been so glad I didn’t listen to reason or logic. In few places have I felt so at home and gained so many insane stories… Some I might bore you with later while trying to work out how this bloody website works before my next big trip! (The family want more updates to know I’m alive – pah! I’m now reasonably competent actually!). The days I spent on the bike were full of the highest highs and lowest lows I’ve experienced – i don’t think I cried so much in my whole life, be it from joy or pain! But they are days I would never trade in! I can’t wait to be back home on the road again at the end of March, but till then there is still so much planning to be done! Gosh I haven’t even booked flights or sorted visas >< argh stress!!!
Anyway, I don’t know what this blog is yet so I’m just gonna see what happens with it! Talk soon!


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